I know many people don't even care that I was gone for - what? 2 YEARS!! And many people probably didn't even notice/care about my long absence. I've been on Creepypasta and reading stories for a while on my 3DS (my tablet broke down :c ) but when my grandmother heard about the two girls stabbing their friend to become Slender's next grandma banned me from going on Creepypasta. But now..IDK!! I'm gonna try to be on here as much as possible..writing my opinion of some other CP's..sadly no more Jeff the Killer blogs because I got a complaint that I was writing too many blogs about Jeff the Killer. Psh! Whatever!!

Just send me some Creepypastas' so that I can read them and then review them. If I've already read a Creepypasta that was sent to me in the comments, I will reply back with something along the lines of "I've already read this story..but thanks for the suggestion." Okay? So...this is about me now being off of Hiatus and I'm going to try to be on here as much as possible. M'kay? Bai for now!