Okay, so it has came to my attention that people believe that many of the Creepypastas are real. Not everyone believes that; while others do. I'm going to be discussing about 3 of the main Creepypastas that are believed truth or false.

1.) The Rake. 2.) Jeff the Killer 3.) The Slender man

Those three are very well-known. All of those characters have some people who do/don't believe in them. The key for this is Neutral: There's a possibility that it could be truth and/or false, Support: It's truth, and Oppose: It's false. Let's talk about The Rake first.

<->The Rake! Okay, so many people believe in the Rake. On the Rake's story, there is so-called-proof on there. Some people might not believe in the Rake, while other people do. There is documentary of the Rake, but no one knows if it's truth or false. With The Rake, this file is neutral. It is either nor. (Meaning it's both or nothing at all. Same with neither or.)

  • The Rake's file Answer: Either nor, or neither or. (Neutral)

<->Jeff the Killer! This is the second most known at Creepypasta, next to the Slender man. Jeff's story doesn't have enough logical supporting information. Many, many, many people believe in Jeff the Killer; while others do not. Now, let me get this straight; all of these pastas are neutral, but some has more "evidence" than others. There is a slight possibility that Jeff the Killer is real, but many people doubt that. Once you doubt it, you will get more paranoid, and start to believe in J.t.K. But that is normal. Everyone get's paranoid.

  • Jeff the Killer's file Answer: Neutral, with a slight Support.

<->The Slender man! I believe in the Slender man 99.9 percent. There are many, many, many sightings, and nearly the whole world population believes in the Slender man. There is very much proof. Now, it doesn't necessarily matter if I believe in the Slender man or not, but that does add slightly to the number of people who do believe in that creature. The Slender man is simply a triple threat; meaning his is Neutral, Support, and Oppose. He is a mysterious creature; that hardly anyone understands.

  • The Slender man's file Answer: 33.3% Neutral, 33.3% Support, and 33.3% Oppose. The stakes are equal, but if it was biased on my part, by my opinion, Support would be way higher.

A/N: Please comment on what you think. Neutral, Oppose, or Support?; The Rake, Jeff the Killer, and The Slender man. Please, no harsh comments. Just comment what you think of whom being which. I do not want to argue with anyone; moreover, I just want this blog to be a judge-free zone. You are free to speak your opinions, but there is no rudeness allowed. Thank you for your consideration.