Hi! Okay, so I'm going to be on here as much as possible and talk about different creepypasta characters.

Today I will be talking about a well known entity. His name is Slenderman. Okay, so I'm going to do about 3 or more different paragraphs about one thing that involves Slenderman. (The "paragraph" will be at the least a sentence.) I will call them Topics. If you want to leave a comment about a Topic, well, for example, someone leaves a comment on a certain Topic. Before you leave the comment on a topic, you must put the number of that Topic before you actually state your comment.

EX: TOPIC 1) Comment. Just like that. At the end of each Topic, I will state my opinion on the Topic.

TOPIC 1.) When Slenderman is about to kill someone, he displays his tentacles. The tentacles make his victim want to go to him. MY OPINION: That's just plain creepy and weird. 0.o

TOPIC 2.) (This one consists of the Rake.) Okay, so there are many rumors about the Rake being Slenderman's "dog." MY OPINION: I'm just confused about the Rake being the "dog" of Slenderman.

Okay, so my mind has ran out of other Topics. In the comments. You can make your own Topics if you would like to, but please don't edit this blog. /.\

Next on "All About: Topic Edition", we will talk about another well-known Creepypasta; Jeff the Killer! ^.^