Hi, again! Now, I'm going to get straight to the point. Today, we will be discussing Jeff the Killer. He is another well-known pasta, and if you have not heard of him/read about him, I suggest you click the link and read his story before continuing on with this blog post. The link is below. Also, mainly, the Topics will be questions.

TOPIC 1.) To some people, Jeff is believed to be real. To others, he is a myth. What do you think and why? (Yes, I am one of those people who ask people why and ask them for evidence. XD) MY OPINION: Okay, honestly, I believe in Jeff the Killer about 60%. I sometimes get paranoid about him. /.\ And, with this messed up world we live in, what happened to poor, young Jeff is possible to happen in real life.

TOPIC 2.) Why, do you think he killed his brother? Now, I can see why he killed his mom (kind of.) His mother lied to him, and was about to kill him! But his brother?? If you were in Jeff's situation, why would you kill your brother? That gets me wondering.... MY OPINION: I pretty much stated it during the Topic.

TOPIC 3.) (This one involves Jane the Killer.) Okay, so I know about Jeff VS Jane and all that (and hopefully you guys know about it, too.); but it seems as though Jane and Jeff like each other, even though they simultaneously try to kill each other. MY OPINION: I'm confused with how both of them like each other but try to kill each other. My opinion on that is unclear and confused.

Okay, so you guys know what to do when talking/commenting on a Topic in the comments. Instead of just putting what Topic you're talking about at the beginning, just at least mention it in the comments or at the end of your comment, do #Topic1 or #Topic2 or #Topic3. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this silly blog. Also, if you would like to add a new Topic, you can message me on either on my profile or in the comments below. I will also give you credit for making a new Topic by putting your , username at the end of the Topic. Review the first "All About: TOPIC EDITION." It is about Slenderman! *cue clapping. XD LOL*

Anyways, again, thanks for reading this. Until next time...byee! ^,^

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