I finally found a friend online who could keep up with my intellectual conversations! Not many people can understand my logic (I can be quite condesending). As it turns out, this friend lives 3 hours away from me! We have been talking since June 2012 and we plan to meet up at some point, once I am sure he's not a greasy, 40-year-old trucker.

I often forget that people don't quite understand me and that I need to address the general public instead of people who actually care about me, because, lets face it, no one cares about me.

I have a story that I want to publish but I fear no one will undrstand the eloquence and it will be removed and I might be punished. Yes, I am a paranoid person, it comes with major stress issues.

My drawing tablet's pen nib is weaing out and I've only had it for half a month, I am obviously pressing too hard on the tablet. Which reminds me, my tablet likes to dissable my trackpad and they just die so I have been using MouseKeys a lot recently.

I was thinking of watching Bleach again recently, but then I remember the most recent season I saw and decided against it. I used to watch bleach, years ago, but stopped when the dubs did. Being quite impatient, I watched subs and the 8th season.

I'm going to do this the old fasioned way, copy and paste if there is no link:

I am getting pissed at stuff so I apoligize for typos.