• Hungeryninja


    September 17, 2013 by Hungeryninja

    I'm not gone Hanna, and I never will be! These words repeated themselves in Sunshine's head. She starred at her feet hanging off the edge of her bed. She decided to shake it off as a dream, but it felt so real.... so vivid. "Hanna! Breakfast!" Her mother yelled from the hallway. "Coming mother!" Sunshine replied. She stood up and walked in front of the mirror, and teased her hair to make her mother angry. She gave herself a devilish smirk. She placed her blue knit cap on her head to hide her cat-like horns. She scrambled downstairs after her mother called her after the second time. "Whoa short stuff! Slow down!" Her brother said jokingly. "Sorry brother." She said looking at her bear feet. "And don't look so depressed!" He joked once ag…

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