First off, the fucking Misfits are having a reunion at Riot Fest in Denver this September and I am psyched! It's a thousand miles away from me, but I am there! The legendary, original horror rockers, singing songs about Night of The Living Dead, Blood Fest, and Vampira!! 

Too much horror business!! Twelve o'clock, don't be late!!!

Anyone else going besides me and Empy? 

(Empy was nice enough to tell me I can crash at his place)

Second, I signed up for this horror writing class.  There are still a few spots left if anyone wants to join me. It's $400, but no price is too high to pay for our love of horror. Right?

Well, I've got something to say. I raped your mother today, and it doesn't mean that much to me as long as she is bred. Oh sweet death, I am waiting for your rest. Oh won't you give, one last caress. One last caress, sweet death!!