A lot of incredibly talented writers lent their support to this project and I'd just like to give a shout out to them.

First to my good friend Shadowswimmer77 author of the incredible The Wicker House and the contest winning A Figure in the Fog (which I just noticed has been nominated for PotM--read it, everyone, it is awesome). Shadow let me bounce ideas off of him and even offered to proofread it for me (though he did say there was no way I could leave that one scene in and not get a NSFW-- ha, I knew I could pull it off)

Next to The Koromo , author of A Few Bad Apples, an incredible piece of writing that was spotlighted a few months back but really needs more recognition; so, if you get a chance read this excellent work and leave some encouraging feedback so we can keep this guy writing on the site. Koromo let me babble on to him forever about demons, succubi, incubi, and the history of Northern California (he said I could get away with that scene if I wrote it just right).

Ameagle , author of Your Body and You, (already nominated for PotM once but I have a feeling it may get nominated again one day and win) was very supportive. We are working on a collaboration right now that is going to be chock full of weird shit, sex, and violence, so keep an eye out for it.

Of course Blacknumber1 , author of the widely acclaimed and spotlighted Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman who was bat shit crazy enough to ask me to make him a character in this story. He listened to me while I took his character from a karate expert/superhero priest to a Rasputin like villain, always offering nothing but encouragement, even when I turned him into an evil killer of Native Americans.

Also, Jay ten , author of The Brown Spot pointed out some inconsistencies that helped me a lot.

While I'm thanking people I guess I should mention EmpyrealInvective , author of over fifty stories on the site (including two PotM's, such as the legendary A Small Piece of Lead, admin. extrodinaire, gifted writer and great guy who I am proud to call a friend. His dedication to this site and this art form is incredible. I honestly can't believe that his story Black Hole Sun didn't win.

Oh, and I almost forgot, thanks to Joel at Let's read for the incredible narration. He is so talented and everyone should subscribe to his YouTube channel. Here is the link: [1]

So thanks so much, guys, for the support and encouragement. I truly appreciate it.