I'm having an online party for the cover reveal of my novel KIND NEPENTHE on Wednesday June 21st and you are all invited! Chances to win all kinds of stuff, including Amazon gift cards, a copy of award-winning horror author Richard Thomas's TRIBULATIONS personally inscribed to you, signed copies of Stephen Graham Jones's MONGRELS and Paul Tremblay's A HEADFUL OF GHOSTS and DISAPEARANCE AT DEVIL'S ROCK, plus more books, magazines, anthologies, T-shirts and much much more!

Our very own Ruckus Quantum designed the cover. It's fabulous!

So, come on over to my FB page and sign up: Humboldt's FB page

Okay, now let's here some jokes, snarky comments and bad puns from you crazy fuckers!


Ruckus designed this teaser ad, too. Pretty sweet, huh?