I just watched the HBO documentary Beware the Slenderman. 

I thought it was fantastic.

There were PhDs discussing the creation of myth and folklore, a long analysis of The Pied Piper, comparing it with the Slender Man mythos, and a deep look at internet culture, among other introspective looks at culture and humanity.

The wiki was mentioned often and I was half expecting to see an interview with Empy or Cleric. Was anyone contacted by HBO about the documentary and asked to be interviewed?

The one girl, who actually did the stabbing, Morgan Geyser (Geyser: what a great name for a crazy girl!), is schizophrenic. She not only believes in Slenderman, but Santa Clause, Harry Potter characters, and hallucinates a whole host of friends. Her father is also schizophrenic, but functional, and it was incredibly sad to see him weeping as he discussed the disease he passed on to his daughter.

The other girl, Anissa Weirer, is just plain fucked-up (again great name, so close to Weird). She told her friend to "go wild," then, when the stabbed girl tried to find her way to safety, led her back to the woods and told her to lay down and that she'd get help. A total lie.

What do you guys think about the documentary? Or about the sad case of the two Wisconsin girls who stabbed their friend in order to be proxies of Slender? Pretty fucked up shit. But, you know, if it wasn't Slenderman it would have been Voldermort or Flag or Saruman.