In my quest to earn the coveted Bat Shit Crazy badge I have decided to get a creepypasta tattoo.  I think it will be a nice addition to my collection, especially seeing how my first one was the Hunter S. Thompson GONZO symbol. 

So here is what I am thinking: a bloody bowl of spaghetti but instead of meatballs there is the Dead Bart head, the Abandoned by Disney Mickey Mouse, and the Smile Dog dog with CREEPYPASTA written in an arc around the top in dripping blood letters.  Looking forward to seeing what you all can do.

It is a little known fact that the best tattoos are the funniest ones and this one will be much classier than friends of mine who have tattoos like a rooster dangling from a noose on their calf so they can say their cock hangs below their knee, “your mom’s name” tattooed on their ass so they can say, “I bet I have your mom’s name tattooed on my ass”, wino tattooed on the inner lip, or crybaby across their knuckles or as it is called in the tattoo world job stoppers (because that is what they are).

I know Blacknumber, Jay, and Empy will be getting them, too.  Right, guys? Heheheh (Empy’s is going to be a tramp stamp).  How about Banning and Garbage Factory?  Who else is bat shit crazy enough to join me?