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    Hey  guys. Pretty excited about this.

    So, I'm working on a new novel, and thought I'd tell you about this novel-writing workshop I'm going to be taking in January.

    It's the Borderlands Bootcamp and the instructor is famed horror writer Peter Straub of Ghost Story fame, among other huge bestsellers. I gotta go all the way to Baltimore, MD for the class. A haul and a pain in the ass, but fuck it, I get to work on my novel with Peter Straub!

    It's five days long, very very intensive. Pretty exclusive, you had to apply and be accepted.  I got a discount because I'm a member of the Horror Writers Association. 

    I just sent them the first thirty pages of my manuscript, which I would have liked more time to polish. But, that's how deadlines go.

    Pretty c…

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    FIRST PLACE: Harvest by Dgrady237 with a score of 66 out of 70.

    SECOND PLACE: The Well, the Wheel, and Wilhelm by Creepy Thomas O. with a score of 65 out of 70

    THIRD PLACE: Tranquility's Bounty by Noctevoire with a score of 64 out of 70

    Greetings writers of the strange and horrific. It is my immense honor to be hosting a werewolf writing contest.

    GUIDELINES: The term “werewolf” is used in the loosest of all possible senses here. Any shapeshifter, either real or metaphorical, will be accepted. From the traditional wolfman of horror movie fame to Native American skin walkers to Norse Berserker warriors draped in bearskin to those suffering from lycanthropy, a form of madness where one thinks they have transformed into …

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    There's going to be a werewolf story contest coming up, so sharpen those fangs and pencils!!

    So, I was wondering, if you were suddenly transformed into a blood-thirsty canine, what would you go for first?

    Would you dig a hole into the neighbor's chicken shack?

    Go for some larger game like deer, or the organic farmer's goats?

    Or maybe take some kind of revenge on the that asshole that always pissed you off? Would there be enough of you left there, in that primal form, to find supplication?

    Or would you just say, "Fuck it" and go for the infant in the new mother's arms? Oh, such a delectable and tasty treat to the hungry monster within.

    Perhaps, the cheerleader who always turned you on, though you denied it.

    Or that dorky redhead librarian with the…

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    It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of the father of the modern zombie, George A. Romero.

    I've been a huge fan for as long as I can even remember. Night of the Living Dead was a Halloween staple of my youth. Dawn of the Dead blew my head wide open as a teenager. I remember watching Day of the Dead in the movie theater and being so blown away. Touched by the vampire film Martin.

    Please express your condolences and let us know what your favorite movie of his was.

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    Thanks so much to everyone who came to my cover-reveal last night! We had a good showing of CreepyPasta peeps, and they definitely let their presence be known!

    For all of you who couldn't attend, here's the cover, designed by our very own Ruckus Quantum:

    What do you think? Anyone want to show an alternate? How about Umby, he's been pretty crafty lately!

    Empy was late and missed the joke contest. Don't want to leave you out, Emps, give us your best joke now!

    All other jokes encouraged and beloved. As well as snarky comments I know you bastards can't help but post.

    Also, pre-orders are now on sale! Use this promo-code to get 10% off: PREORDER2017

    Here's the link: KIND NEPENTHE

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