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Furtim Seductor Sequel: Vote on the better idea!

Hsshall January 23, 2015 User blog:Hsshall

Yes, I've decided to make a sequel to my only successful creepypasta, the Furtim Seductor. Hey, I got to redeem myself as a creepypasta writer! What better way is there than to use my only good pasta to its full potential?

Now, as you all may know, I absolutely suck at writing story form creepypastas. This time, however, I am actually going to spend a lot of time working on it. I don't want to nuke the fridge.

Here's my two plans:

Plan A: Write a story called either "The Stealth Deceiver" (the Furtim Seductor's english name), or "Furtim Seduction". It's about a father having an experience with the Furtim Seductor, and it's in third person narrative. My first-person narratives always suck.

Plan B: Write a story of a ghost hunter that wants to find this beast, titled "Hunting the deceiver". Still third person narrative.

Well, what is the better idea? If one plan is successful, I will try to make the other one!

The original pasta:

I need tons of support on this! Please, vote the plans, and I'm always open to ideas.


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