Today is my first day on this site, and I really only joined for the chat feature, but these stories are interesting too.

I mean, I found the site while trying to find out if an experiment was real, but luckily it was only a story that a user wrote. I hope it was.. I kina stopped looking when I found this site. It's a pretty intense writing.. a lot of these are on this site. And I pretty much love that. I like to spend my days reading articles on psychology or famous asylums and such. I'm interested in the mind, which is one of the things that draws me to acting.

I know I know, "How the heck is acting involved with psychology?". Well reader, I will tell you. Since around 7th grade, I have been thinking constantly about what others are thinking about. Why they think those things, what makes them do the things that they do. What compels them to say the things they say, at that exact moment. Why that moment? Why not later? Why they feel like they want to be friends with some people, rather than others. Basically I just want to know what the core of our mentally thought-out actions contains.

"Get to the point, dude." Okay yeah thanks. Well what draws me to acting is that I get a chance to actually be that other person, mentally. I have a script of what my character, what I, will do. It is just, an out-of-this-world concept that I cant really explain. I feel like Rose does not exist. It's only Character. Character is me, I have their mind. I think like them, I understand how they would understand things, I perceive actions differently. It's basically everything I want to know. See you guys, i'm headed to chat.

And there is an introduction to one of your most recent members,