aka Antonio 'Troll' V.

  • I live in Boston, MA
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is Writer, Guitar Player, Entertainer
  • I am Male
  • HorribleTroll512


    You'll see me in chat and editing pages. I won't as much be making pages, about 1 every 3 months.

    I want to just remember to come back. I guess I'll see you all around then!

    HorribleTroll512, out!

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  • HorribleTroll512

    Wow. I've been gone for a long time. I guess I've been so busy doing other things, I comepletely forgot about this wiki...

    A lot has happened to me...

    1. I got a girlfriend

    2. I got a WiiU (not that cool, but...)

    3. Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) answered my question...

    So, yeah... I've been workig on a new pasta called Not Alone. I started work about a week ago, and I'm started editing it today, so yeah... I'm back!

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  • HorribleTroll512

    So, WhiteReaper made me a custom signature. It's really awesome! If you want one, you just have to tell him what color background you want, what font, what color font, what color border, and what image you want on the side!

    If you want to ask him for one here's the link: user:WhiteReaper...   But don't flood his talk page with requests!

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  • HorribleTroll512

    Just last week

    March 1, 2013 by HorribleTroll512

    To think just last week I only had 88 edits. Now I have 183!

    Boy, I've been editing alot!

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  • HorribleTroll512

    I was in Trollpasta chat... and THIS happened

    • HorribleTroll512Hello. This is my first time on the Trollpasta chat
    • Chat is dead.
    • One person... and he/she's away...
    • Woopdy doo
    • Its a party, isn't it?
    • I'm a one man band
    • The uno amigo
    • Dammit, I'm talking to myself again
    • Rawr, I'm a dinosaur
    • We need more people... I'm sorry, I need more people...
    • I'll be back
    • Come with me if you want to live
    • Terminator quotes
    • So... I'm gonna eat a cake... and come back later
    • You know what? I'll just eat the cake here, just in case!
    • I probably just jinxed myself, didn't I?
    • So... I got a guy who wants pancakes...
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