Hello, Fright Fans. I just wanted to write this blog to detail a bit more about my fondest memories pertaining to horror.

I can recall the first horror film that I watched being Predator. I'm still shocked to this day that my dad was actually willing to rent that movie for little, 5 year old me. But see it I did, and from that day forwards.....I really hated seeing that scene of the Predator roar....and I was also hooked on horror!

I remember often visiting my grandparents who lived in NH and watching the always-wonderful Universal Monster films on VHS. I even got Santa Clause ruined for me because I reeallly wanted to see what my presents were ahead of time.

I was really into the old Black and White B-Movies, namely because my parents and grandparents wouldn't let me get any of the more current horror films from Suncoast when it was still around ( man I miss that place).

Of course, like any horror fan, I eventually realized that there were films beyond The Brain that Wouldn't Die! and The Creature from the Black Lagoon

And so it began. For several years straight I nagged my mother and parents to let me see the more current and more graphic horror films. I wanted the Cinema of Fear plushies, I demanded to see A Nightmare on Elm Street and I pleaded to be allowed to see Evil Dead

Eventually, after a long, long time, my mom and dad caved and I was allowed to watch the horror films that I wanted.

This broadened my horizons and I soon began to write horror stories. They were all awful. But I grew better over the years as I collected horror toys, movies and books. The internet proved to be a wonderful place for horror fanatics and I grew to realize my goal/dream of becoming a published horror author.

It's been a while since those good years....and my dream has begun to come true. I only hope that writing Creepypasta will allow me to ascend to new heights of terror.

I ain't stoppin' until I've gotten a book adapted as a movie, damn it! AND I want to make a video game, AND I wanna produce a horror-themed play.....

Maybe some of that will happen, maybe even all of it...all I know right now is, I've got nothing better to so, so why not write and make a name for myself?

I sincerely hope you enjoy my stories and that I can give at least One person nightmares.