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MCP read a story of mine!

Mr. Creepy Pasta himself read my story "To Be What Others Fear", which is my first (and probably only) Ritual Pasta.

He's also read my story, "Flower Eyes and Needle Teeth".

My mom is so proud of me, which makes me unbelievably happy :) Though I just hope no-one takes the story seriously....but if they do....then that means that humanity really has started to fall apart.

I don't know how to link a video (man Fimfiction really has spoiled me) so you're gonna have to look it up for yourselves, but, as of now, it's pretty recent.

I hope he reads "Call of the Revenant" next, that'd be awesome!!

Bye for now.

"To Be What Others Fear" by Hopefullygoodgramar07:31

"To Be What Others Fear" by Hopefullygoodgramar

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