Have you ever had a dream that seemed so rea but you knew for a fact it was fake?Well that's been happening to me lately.I would dream of this tall man ( no not slender) and he would always be by this black house.He would always walk towards me and touch my face.After that I would always wake up.Right after I woke up I would always feel as if someone way in the same room as me.Then about 5-10 minutes later that feeling would go away and I would fall asleep.I wouldn't dream for the rest of the night.The weirdest thing out of these dreams that I have been having is that I couldn't remember the person's face.Only in the dream could I see it.I think I know what these dreams mean too.I think they mean that someone is looking after me or someone is trying to tell me something.I don't know if this "person" is good or bad but hopefully I'll get a chance to figure it out.If anyone has any information,I'm open to your ideas and thoughts.