aka midnight whispers

  • I live in in the dark shadows of your mind
  • My occupation is you kill your happiness
  • I am female
  • Honestie.smith

    Have you ever had a dream that seemed so rea but you knew for a fact it was fake?Well that's been happening to me lately.I would dream of this tall man ( no not slender) and he would always be by this black house.He would always walk towards me and touch my face.After that I would always wake up.Right after I woke up I would always feel as if someone way in the same room as me.Then about 5-10 minutes later that feeling would go away and I would fall asleep.I wouldn't dream for the rest of the night.The weirdest thing out of these dreams that I have been having is that I couldn't remember the person's face.Only in the dream could I see it.I think I know what these dreams mean too.I think they mean that someone is looking after me or someoneā€¦

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