I updated the Season 1 episode list, it'll be updated when a new episode is released.

Pilot - After sending their cat Snowball away, Liser ends up in trouble with the family, while the star Doctor Hamburger comes to town with a decieving Micheal Jackson

Supah Dupah Dupah Happah Appah Special! - In order to scare Liser, Homah brings Happy Appy to life, and puts his town in danger.

Unbranded Laptop - Homah becomes a police officer, and messes with a deadly curse.

The Internet War of 2024 - Homah becomes in trouble with the law after causing the largest troll gathering ever.

Larger Than Life: Bort turns 10 for the 17th time, after he realizes Homah does not consider him his son. Bort goes out of his way to become a Samsin, which gets him set back several grades

Normal Porn for Normal People: After Homah's pornography gets interrupted with a strange man in a bumblebee costume, him, Peetah, and Lolstah must go out and find the cuplrit(s).

Faked Sickness: Homah loses his job to mexicans, but luckily, he knows their secret.

Christmas Roads Go Home: TBA

Bort's Test: TBA

Liser Snaps: TBA

Super Sayans 4 Life: TBA

Insane: The bar gets turned into an insane asylum, and the bar flies are commited, leading to actual insanity.

Fear Factor: TBA

Snuff Films: TBA

Doctor For Hire: Doctor Cheeseburger is back in style.

Dead Bart: Portals, tough guys, hyper realistic dead bodies, other dimentions, all in an exciting 45 minute season finale!

Plus, a preview for Episode 5: