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Teh Samsins Episode List

Here is the entire Teh Samsins Season 1 Episode List, it'll be updated when a new episode is created:

Pilot - After sending their cat Snowball away, Liser ends up in trouble with the family, while the star Doctor Hamburger comes to town with a decieving Micheal Jackson

Supah Dupah Dupah Happah Appah Special! - In order to scare Liser, Homah brings Happy Appy to life, and puts his town in danger.

Unbranded Laptop - Homah becomes a police officer, and messes with a deadly curse.

The Internet War of 2024 - Homah becomes in trouble with the law after causing the largest troll gathering ever. (Only episode that is 30 minutes)

Homah Dies - After going to his hometown, Homah becomes a gangster, leaves his family, and supposably dies.

Homah Lives - TBA

Faked Sickness - TBA

Insane - TBA

Taller Than Life - TBA

Bort's Test -TBA

Liser Snaps - TBA

Doctor For Hire - TBA

London After Midnight - TBA

Dead Bart (Season 1 Finale) - TBA

Promotional Photo for Episode 4:

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