In, I believe was November 2011, the pasta known as "Happy Appy" was finalized by Dronian, who had to succumb to pressure by the admins, who wanted the pasta complete. As he has commented in the past, it was pretty awful, or as I'd like to say, it was a NARM sandwich. Dronain made a few sequels to the pasta, such as the other show Forenzik made, or his actual life story. The two were better in the opinion of many people. Well, the story would've ended there, but in July of 2012, Dronain completed the finalized version of all of the pastas, including the original HA, which was a genuinely good pasta afterwards., and removed 90% of everything that ruined the pasta.

Well, the story would've ended there, but a freak accident spawned Happy Appy a sequel. For fun, in early-August, I created the plot for a fake episode. Unexpectedly, Dronian actually adapted this, and a day letter, he announced that "Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel" would be created (I can only assume "Dumb Angel" is a reference to a certain movie). For the first two episodes, I wrote them, and he put the plots in his own words. You would think that this was a bad idea, but it eventually evolved into possibly the best canon HA pasta.

The progress slowed down, and Dronian rarely updated the pasta. Finally, I started ghostwriting for Dronian, beginning started giving Gerasim more character, Freddrick Gorgote more of a murderous side, creating more posts, and things like that. Dronian adapted this, and started writing off of the things I wrote, and even agreed to use an ending I suggested. The story is near completed, and after it is completed, Dronian has said he will upload it here, on the Creepypasta Wiki.

However, if you want to go ahead and read what we have finished, I encourage you to read it, and if you have any problems, tell us how to fix the pasta.


Where to suggest things:

Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel: Coming Soon

And yes, this is the final pasta in the Happy Appy series for a long, long, time. (2023)

EDIT: It's here! Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel