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    This is not a Creepypasta, this was a weird event that happened a month ago that I've decided to document on. That's why no page is being made.

    Well isn't this a strange and disturbing turn of events. Okay, so after doing some research after this "event", I've discovered that Shrekchan had hidden pages relating to the illuminati plus disturbing streams in which Shrek movies were interrupted by pig cult footage or something. I'm not sure of the whole story, but I've looked in on it a bit.

    The thing is, I don't think the streaming ever really ended, because of this. A little while ago, (June 23rd or 24th), I was dicking around the internet, and I came across Shrekchan. It (/shr/) mildly amused me for about 30 minutes (the joke wears down after…

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  • HomahSamsin2024

    In, I believe was November 2011, the pasta known as "Happy Appy" was finalized by Dronian, who had to succumb to pressure by the admins, who wanted the pasta complete. As he has commented in the past, it was pretty awful, or as I'd like to say, it was a NARM sandwich. Dronain made a few sequels to the pasta, such as the other show Forenzik made, or his actual life story. The two were better in the opinion of many people. Well, the story would've ended there, but in July of 2012, Dronain completed the finalized version of all of the pastas, including the original HA, which was a genuinely good pasta afterwards., and removed 90% of everything that ruined the pasta.

    Well, the story would've ended there, but a freak accident spawned Happy Appy …

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  • HomahSamsin2024

    Well, this is it.

    I never thought it would end this way. You know, I never intended for any of this drama to begin. However, in the last few months, I have made some questionable choices around the chatroom. Now, I've paid my dues, and I have quit the wiki.

    Now, as you may know, I have quit a lot of times. However, this time, I feel as if I'm doing the right thing. I've insulted, trolled, and launched anger at my friends, and the people who I have grown to accept as family. For this, I am terribly sorry. Trust me, I never wanted it to end like this.

    I never meant any harm to anyone. I guess my nerves just can't handle the chat anymore. If I stay on any longer, I'm worried it may affect my life in general.

    I can't list many people, but I'll ju…

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  • HomahSamsin2024

    A few months ago, Bill9929 opened a Skype group, we had fun on it, just chilling around. Then, it slowly became less and less active. Let's ressurect it.

    I'm going to open a new Skype group for this wiki.

    If you want to join the group, leave your name below and I will add you.

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    EPISODE 8F0A: Pilot:

    EPISODE 8F0B: Supah Dupah Dupah Happeh Appeh Special!:

    Episode 8F0C: Unbranded Laptop (A.K.A GHOST):

    Episode 8F0D: The Internet War of 2024:



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