I have worked at retail stores before in the past; they were not proper jobs more than a work experince-placement-more like. I have worked at a little shop near me; which was really boring because I hardly did anything due ti being small. The others was in a pound shop and a shoe shop.

This on is a supermarket with a group of people. There are four of them in the group incuilding me; 2 men and 2 women. Me and this other girl are in the non-food area while the men are in the fruit and veg section. We are only there for 2 weeks and this week is the second and hopfully get a job there afterwards.

Working at retail can be hard work because you are on your feet all the time-if you are on the shop floor all day like I am-then your feet will ache as walking around all day. It's good excercise though. hehe. It can be annoying to find a certain product when filling up the shelves on the shop floor. If you are new at working at retail please ask the staff, they are there to you and they have been there way longer than you. They told me to find the product first to see if they will go out.

I have 15 mintute non food break! What!? No food! omg......don't worry I do sneak some food in because if I go hungry too long my belly hurts. So I have to eat something.

This blog is very long so I do apologise.