The number one reason why I don't want children is because I don't like children, don't get this in the wrong way. My friend don't like children either, and thats ok. Its ok not to like children. Each time I child I don't go all like 'Omg, hi you are so cute' and stuff. Instead I am all like 'oh a kid, wahtever'. I can't do the exicted voice that most people do whenever they meet a child.

I am way too young to have children, am only 19 years old and obviously am too young to have kidies. Children cost money, you have to spend so money on them to take care of them and make them happy. I am always broke, always. When I get paid its gone the next 2 days, thats how bad I am with my money. I swear I try to be better.

It all started when I was 15. I had a 5 days work experince at a day nursery, for school; and this little toddler was non stop crying. I understand that he is a toddler and missing his mammy, it stressing me and making me sad. ​By the reason of that I was like that. I missed my mammy whenever i went school or nursery. Sad times. Also being around with kids, I wasnt liking it.

I don't really have a good reason on why I want children, I just can't imagine myself with a child thats all.

What about you, do like kids?

Let me know.