I talked about the things that scare me, and now I'm going to tell you the things that don't scare me.

'I Am God' phrase.

This phrase or quote is very common in creepypastas and I'm not sure why. What I mean about that is, it does not scare me. The reason why it does not scare because I don't find the phrase scary and does God suppose to be good and such? Isn't God scary, right? If it was I Am The Devil; I would be scared of the devil. The Devil. The devil is more terrifying than God so why do people write I Am The Devil rather than I Am God. I just don't understand it at all. Please try to explain this, to make me understand because I'm trying so hard.

Little Spiders

Little spiders don't scare me at all because they are small, baby spiders (well not all spiders are babies, but you get what I mean) and they won't hurt you. Yesterday morning I wag hugging my dog's back, and I didn't realise that there were tiny green spiders on him. I didn't scream or anything; I just said: "Gwyn you got spiders all over you". So I grabbed the brush and brushed him outside. 


Blood is also common in creepypasta stories, and it's not scary and does not scare me, at all. Especially when the creepypasta says hyper-realistic blood, they just saying that to make the readers scared. It's not scary. It does not scare me. (disclaimer) If you are afraid of blood that's fine, I'm not going to make fun of you or judge you, because I am not that type of person. 

That's all of the things that don't scare me at all.