Some of you are either, still in school or left school. We all have one thing in common in school. You all hate it. Personally, I left school about three years ago, and I do remember how much I bloody hate it.

First, off the uniform, I wore I crappy, not smart type of uniform. A polo shirt, trousers and a hoodie. Very fashionable, am I right? There was something that was optional to put on your name on your hoodie. Doesn't seems bad right? But what if some stranger saw your name on your hoodie and made some lie up such as, "Hey, Olivia I know your mum", that would be creepy and a bad idea. 

Second of all, the teachers. Some are nice, but most of them are horrible. One that everyone hated was a science teacher. She shouted at students for no reason at all, she even looked mean too. The one time I needed a wee very very badly, so I asked the bi**h teacher and she say, "Then why didn't you go to the toilet at break time". Break just ended about 10 minutes ago, and at that time my bladder was empty, but it decides to fill up when lesson starts! So I said very quietly and politely said: "I didn't feel like going to the toilet, Miss". She didn't believes and sends back to my desk.

Another thing I hate about school is homework. So you finish school about three, and arrive home about half three (for example), all you want to do is chill out, and play games or play with your friends, you don't want to do homework. You spend all day in school, writing all day and the teachers like to give us more work, but expect us to do it at home!