I am afraid of a few things, and some of them are a bit silly and relatable. There are not much stuff that I'm afraid of that I am going to share them with you all.

The Dark: I am not afraid of sitting or sleeping in the dark, I am more afraid of walking down the dark. I refuse to walk in a dark path, or alelyway by myself. Is because I can't see, and can't see where am going. I have to be with someone and hold on to them. Only my boyfriend has been with me, when I walked in the dark.

Seeing a Ghost: I've watched many videos and saw many photos that has ghosts in them, but I am scared of seeing one in real life. I know it's sound crazy and probably won't ever happen, but you will never know. I believe the videos and the photos I've seen on the internet made me feel this way. Sometimes I think my room has a ghost, but that's another time for a blog.

Spiders?: I don't think I am afraid of spiders fully, I am more afriad of them when they are on me or crawling. If they are on a wall and they don't move, I am fine with it.

I think that is it with the things that I am afraid of.

Hope you enjoyed it

Take care everyone