I love most foods that is hard to come up with the food I don't like. The foods I only Don't like is brussel sprouts and blue cheese.

This list will be my favourite meals and this maybe a long list. So bare  with me.


​I love my eggs in the morning but I don't have them every morning. I love my eggs poarched the most with toast., sometimes fried or scrambled. I have a fry up ( English Breakfast) at least once a week, I normally have is 2 sausages, 1 harsh brown, beans and an egg on toast. Some days I do have a healthy breakfast such as a porridge. I make my porrigde by using coconut milk from the can, oats, cinnamon, cashew nuts, blueberries and honey for sweetness. If am feeling lazy I just have toast..........thats boring. Also I have a mixure of plain cerel with fruit, flax and chia seeds, coconut flakes, with soy milk.


​My lunches are normally a sandwich with fake ham and salad or a wrap. Sometimes I do a bowl salad with an boiled egg or rice and an avocado. I made soup today with carrot, swede onoin and potatoes and I FAILED. I put too much garlic salt and its not blended well and yeah it's too thick. But better luck not time.


​Dinners have to be my favourite meals of the day and breakfast, I don't know why though. But it can be the hardest thing because half of the ime I don't know what to eat. Today I've tried the veggie pulled pork burger and its ok, not the best but its worth to try new thing. With the burger I put lettce, tomatoes, yellow peppers and of course a bun. Along side that I also cooked french fried from frozen. Sometime I have pasta bake, a toad in the hole (which is sauages on a yorkshire pudding), I'll have a veggie grill with rice and vegetables and many more.


​Most of them are unhealthy like chocolate, crips (chips) etc etc, I do have fruits if am a bit hungry.