I loved Urban Legends for a long time, and want to share  some of my favourites ones.

There's bunch videos on Youtube that has many Urban Legends stories. The ones I watched were an old series which they tell one and figure out if the Legend is true. I also watch a series on Netflix, is called, of course, Urban Legend. Each episode they tell three stoires and at the end of it they say which one is true.

The ones I love is the woman who died from sunbathing too much. The reason why she was sunbathing too much because she felt that her skin was too pale for her coming up wedding. So she came up with an idea. She decided to book many different tanning places after being told she only had 30 mintues of tanning once every other day. Fast forward to the wedding the woman felt a strange feeling in her stomach and a horrible smell from her breath, and collapsed and died. She was cooked from the inside. This Urban Legend is not true so don't worry too much about.

The next one is about a guy who went to the toilet and found a rat in the there. He panicked and flushed the toilet only to make the rat angry and attacked. I might wrong on this one but that is all I remember. This happened at my house a few years ago. In the middle of the night my mother went to the toilet and saw something in there. So she decided to pock it with the toilet brush and it moved. It was a rat! My mother srceamed. And thats all I remember really.

This one is scary. This man was in a bar alone untill a woman came to him and joined him. Later the woman invited him to her hotel room, which he kindly agreed. At her hotel room the man begun to feel faint and realised he was spiked by the woman. The next morning the man woked up and notices a phone and a note saying "call the ambluance". This made the man confused untill he looked down and he found himself in a bath tube full of ice! The man all of the sudden felt a sharp pain and looked where the pain is coming from and saw a scar on his body. Realising that his kidney has been stolen. Thank God this is NOT true.

What's Urban Legends do you know?

Hope you all enjoyed this post. :)