I've been playing games for years, ever since I was a child. Back in the day my brother had the first Playstation than the Playstation 2 untill many years later our mother brought hm and Xbox 360 only beacuse his friends got one. I was given the Playstaion 2 and it made me very happy, I played it so much than one day it broke. Well it broke slowly. I was trying to re-play one of the Spyro games but each time I go in a cave or something he won't move, it was been going on for a while until one day the consle won't let me select the game at all. So now I have an Xbox 360 beacuse I was jealous if my brother and my parents me one, one Christmas day. Now I love my Xbox 360 and I have a few I love such as:

Assassin Creed Series, Grand Theft Auto series, Spyro and many more. Also those games are my personal favouries*.

Am I good at games? Not really, but it dosen't stop me on playing games I enjoy playing and thats the fun part.

I aslo have an Nintendo 3DS and mostly I like play Pokemon X and Zelda. I do ahve other games but not feeling like playing them.

What games do you like to play.

Let me know.