It's hard to make new friends: making new friends is important thing in life, because having a friendship can make you feel happy, can share stories, secrets, gifts etc. you can have a companion by your side, instead of being alone all day, everyday. Nobody wants that.

I do have friends, but I have one close friend, who took time to get know me and talk to me, I also have a few college friends who all so took the time to talk me etc. people who don't even try to talk to me and be patient with me, instead they bully me, making me even more shy and to be afraid to go near to that bully.

Making conversation: This is far the most difficult for me, because mainly, I don't know what to say half at the time. I feel awkward, or I sometimes can't be bothered. I have trouble speaking out loud, and sometimes clearly, it's a huge problem to me in life. Is normally when I meet new people, only because I don't know what they are like, and I don't truly know them. Whenever you meet me ask me a question that lasts long, and I'll will try to make an often to that question.

I hate when people give me bad advice, I know that they trying to be helpful, but they say such things as "Oh you need to start talking", "Start talking to that person over there", things like that. People don't truly understand that those things don't help, they really don't.

Over the years I have gained a bit of confidence, mainly people around my age. Whenever a stranger says hello to me I will say hello back, I will. To me it's easier to talk to someone online (which I don't do because it's scares me because they are bad people out there, mainly strangers) than it is in real life.

If you can relate to this please let me know, and if you have good helpful tips that worked for you let me know.

Thank you bye xxxx