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  • I live in Wales
  • I was born on July 21
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    Creepypastas I Love

    December 5, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have read and heard many Creepypasta since the summer of 2014 and there is a lot of them I like. They are a few I don't but I am not talking about them on this blog. I only pick the ones that are the scariest and creepy ones and made me feel if it might be real or not. On this list, there are only a few pastas here because I can't fit all of them on one blog. 


    You probably know of this one because of my profile picture here on this wiki. I first heard this story from a Top 10 list from Youtube. When I saw the worse picture on Smiledog, I jumped a little and made an aahhh sound. The one thing about me is that I am not a screamer, so I didn't scream like a big girl or anything like that. It creeped me out so much that I thought it w…

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  • Holly Bailey

    Would you ever in your life visit a haunted place, house etc?

    Because I do, but not by myself as I am not brave enough to do so. I will bring someone, as long as that person doesn't scare me. I would to the Myrtles Plantation Hotel. Look it up because it's long sad story. The Montevallo University as well because it has a ghost girl on fire that says help me help in the middle of the night.

    I would never go to the Suicide Forest because I don't want to see a dead body. If there are any dead bodies there. Maybe an abandoned amusement park. I saw pictures of them, online and they are really creepy and unsettling.

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  • Holly Bailey

    Do any of you believe in bad luck? Well because I don't.

    If you do believe in it that's fine, believe what you want.

    I didn't have any consequences after a bad luck situation such as walking under a ladder, as I have done loads of times. I had two birds in my room twice and opened an umbrella indoors. I don't know why these are supposed to be bad luck but some people believe it, and that's ok. Even though I don't, and not sure why. 

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  • Holly Bailey

    Netflix and Cold

    August 16, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have a summer cold since Monday and ever since then I have been watching a bunch of flims on Netflix. I have watched so many flims that I have lost count.

    Funny thing of having this cold that my throat is not sore at all. I think its a winter cold thing, I don't know.

    All day yesterday. I have been watching Netflix, sniffing, blowing my nose and drinking hot lemonade and no regrets. I am going to do that each time I get a cold. Don't worry I will have breaks in between when I get hungry, even though I do unnecessary snack all day which is bad. lol.

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  • Holly Bailey

    Working At Retail

    August 9, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have worked at retail stores before in the past; they were not proper jobs more than a work experince-placement-more like. I have worked at a little shop near me; which was really boring because I hardly did anything due ti being small. The others was in a pound shop and a shoe shop.

    This on is a supermarket with a group of people. There are four of them in the group incuilding me; 2 men and 2 women. Me and this other girl are in the non-food area while the men are in the fruit and veg section. We are only there for 2 weeks and this week is the second and hopfully get a job there afterwards.

    Working at retail can be hard work because you are on your feet all the time-if you are on the shop floor all day like I am-then your feet will ache a…

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