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  • I live in Wales
  • I was born on July 21
  • I am Female
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    Yes, believe it or not, there is snow here in the UK and it's March.

    Weird I know, but it did snow in April once years ago but I have no memory of that. All I know is that we were properly snowed in so everyone had to dig themselves out of their houses.

    The snowing started 2 days ago and when it started the snow was very powdery, not sure if snow supposed to be like that but snow is snow. Today the snow is now harder and a little melty at some places. As I am writing this blog it's snowing right now in South Wales (where I live in the Uk) lightly. Also soon it's going to forecast rainand that means the snow disapear.


    As for the shops near me, there barely anything in there. No meat, no bread or milk, most of the frozen has gone. You w…

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  • Holly Bailey

    My Thoughts On January

    February 6, 2018 by Holly Bailey

    At the beginning of the month January I was recovering from a cold that I had since Boxing Day. I know, that sucks. Don't worry about me anymore because I don't have it any longer.

    Each time January comes up I always say to myself "I can't wait until summer". If we ever have a summer this year. Here in Wales, all it likes to do is rain. It almost rains all year round so people can complain. We did have a summer last year, only lasted a couple of months. 

    Every January we all have our New Year me crap and we fail each time. New Year Resolutions are always the same to me. Stop smoking, drinking, eating junk food. Also, I don't smoke or drink in case you all curious. Mine looks like this:

    Eat better

    Read More 

    Go out More

    Write More

    Pretty simple.


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  • Holly Bailey

    I had heard of sleep paralysis many times on the internet and I have a feeling I might have them. 

    This does not happen every night only once in a long while. When I get this, I can't move but I am still sleeping and awake? It's hard to explain. When I realize I can't move my body I get scared and confused. It's not a nice feeling to have and all you want to do is move. So I try to force myself to move, and the more I try the more I panic.  Believe it or not, I'll manage to move. I literally force myself to move and feel a lot better and safe.

    I tried to explain to my mother but she know what I was on about, so I don't know who to tell really because I feel like nobody listens to me.

    If you know what is this or your opinion on it please help. …

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    Creepypastas I Love

    December 5, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have read and heard many Creepypasta since the summer of 2014 and there is a lot of them I like. They are a few I don't but I am not talking about them on this blog. I only pick the ones that are the scariest and creepy ones and made me feel if it might be real or not. On this list, there are only a few pastas here because I can't fit all of them on one blog. 


    You probably know of this one because of my profile picture here on this wiki. I first heard this story from a Top 10 list from Youtube. When I saw the worse picture on Smiledog, I jumped a little and made an aahhh sound. The one thing about me is that I am not a screamer, so I didn't scream like a big girl or anything like that. It creeped me out so much that I thought it w…

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  • Holly Bailey

    Would you ever in your life visit a haunted place, house etc?

    Because I do, but not by myself as I am not brave enough to do so. I will bring someone, as long as that person doesn't scare me. I would to the Myrtles Plantation Hotel. Look it up because it's long sad story. The Montevallo University as well because it has a ghost girl on fire that says help me help in the middle of the night.

    I would never go to the Suicide Forest because I don't want to see a dead body. If there are any dead bodies there. Maybe an abandoned amusement park. I saw pictures of them, online and they are really creepy and unsettling.

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