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  • I live in Wales
  • I was born on July 21
  • I am Female
  • Holly Bailey

    Netflix and Cold

    August 16, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have a summer cold since Monday and ever since then I have been watching a bunch of flims on Netflix. I have watched so many flims that I have lost count.

    Funny thing of having this cold that my throat is not sore at all. I think its a winter cold thing, I don't know.

    All day yesterday. I have been watching Netflix, sniffing, blowing my nose and drinking hot lemonade and no regrets. I am going to do that each time I get a cold. Don't worry I will have breaks in between when I get hungry, even though I do unnecessary snack all day which is bad. lol.

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  • Holly Bailey

    Working At Retail

    August 9, 2017 by Holly Bailey

    I have worked at retail stores before in the past; they were not proper jobs more than a work experince-placement-more like. I have worked at a little shop near me; which was really boring because I hardly did anything due ti being small. The others was in a pound shop and a shoe shop.

    This on is a supermarket with a group of people. There are four of them in the group incuilding me; 2 men and 2 women. Me and this other girl are in the non-food area while the men are in the fruit and veg section. We are only there for 2 weeks and this week is the second and hopfully get a job there afterwards.

    Working at retail can be hard work because you are on your feet all the time-if you are on the shop floor all day like I am-then your feet will ache a…

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  • Holly Bailey

    It's going to be my birthday next week on the 21st and I am not looking forward to it. Why? Because I am turning twenty.....yeah. That means my teen years are gone forever and I liked being a teenager, most of the time. I had fun being a teenager besides the awkward peroids and stuff, and I'm not ready to become an adult; and becoming 20. The big two, zero!!!

    When I turned 18 and 19 I felt old, in my head I said "Yup I am getting older older!........"

    I don't know how to cope with thisright aand I need help.

    ps Or I should get a grip?

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  • Holly Bailey

    This has been on my mind for a long time now, and I feel like I need to talk about. This could be weird to some people but you can't blame me because I was a child. Really you can't hate on children on being afraid of something. When I was a child an episode of the Teletubies use to scare me as a child.

    And I mean scare me, to the point I ran towards my mother to hold me. No matter what she is doing I have to run towrads her.

    Whats the episode you may ask? Its the episode where two lion pop up and run about. I think that what may happen because it has been years since that happened.

    It may not be that scary has I remember it years ago so I plan to do a reaction anytime soon.

    Were you scared of an episode as a child? Let me know.

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  • Holly Bailey

    Some of you are either, still in school or left school. We all have one thing in common in school. You all hate it. Personally, I left school about three years ago, and I do remember how much I bloody hate it.

    First, off the uniform, I wore I crappy, not smart type of uniform. A polo shirt, trousers and a hoodie. Very fashionable, am I right? There was something that was optional to put on your name on your hoodie. Doesn't seems bad right? But what if some stranger saw your name on your hoodie and made some lie up such as, "Hey, Olivia I know your mum", that would be creepy and a bad idea. 

    Second of all, the teachers. Some are nice, but most of them are horrible. One that everyone hated was a science teacher. She shouted at students for no…

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