aka ishy

  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on December 30
  • I am Male
  • Hip-1950s

    When i was young, about 6, 7 or 8 years old. My dad would always tell me about The Man With the Golden Arm. He would usually use that story to make me not get out of bed.

    The story took place at the late 1940s were there was a very elderly man who was in a deserted forest, all by himself. The only thing diffrent about his was that this man had a golden right arm (I do not remember how he got it, because this story was told a looong time ago). untill a group of teens ages 12 to 16 where playing a game of baseball making an excuse to see the mans golden arm. The man got upset that the teens were playing in his property and trying to get a look at his golden arm., so he went out side yelling at the kids to get out and go home raising a shovel ov…

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