As of this period, I either wander the current Web 2.0 or clicking the "Random Pasta" link. Something has resurfaced from my past. By 2004, I was a 4th grader (in Philippines, and I'm now a graduating IT college student). I remember hanging out on this sites: (for sake of flash games),,, and

The last mentioned: (Singaporean First Online Ghost Stories), I want to share. Some of the stories there are cliched, some are ordinary and boring, and some are short and sweet. I wonder if anyone here read some user-emailed/submitted stories by It has been down for some time and has resurfaced (I forgot when), only to be of few remains, some stories and pictures are intact but the facts page seem to be missing. What I said resurfaced, I meant archived by the domain

Here are my Top 3 stories from Sfogs:

1. Bangs on the Bus -

    Sounds familiar to a porn site, but it has nothing to do with porn. With only few words, the ambiance iss         decently set and has some hints of gore. Written by a Malaysian. Crept me out by the time the story's           fresh.

2. Hand in the Toilet Bowl -

     Self-explanatory. Imagine if the one who will use it is a girl. No NSFW.

3. The Finger -

    Short and sweet; hilarious as f--k!

That's  it for now. I shall wander.