If you know what Geocaching is, you may skip this following excerpt from a pasta named "Geocaching" itself:

"Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Without going into too much detail, Geocaching is basically a game where strangers all over the world hide items, provide GPS coordinates for said items and let others find them. So a person takes something, an old toy or, I don’t know, maybe a pair of scissors, packs it up, hides in a hard-to-find place, provides coordinates at, and the rest of the world is welcome to try and find it."

TL;DR: Basically, Geocaching is like being a pirate acquires a certain map then sets sail for the treasure; but the pirate is a sufficiently gadget-literate person who found GPS coordinates on Net.

I have recently read the pasta "Geocaching" and the protagonist seems comically ignorant what the "device that looks like an mp3 player" is. Given the context of the story, it is obvious what it is.

The story seems too real and interesting. I still have some questions.

Can anybody suggest me another story centered/almost centered about geocaching?

Thank you.

[the link to the story:]