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    As of this period, I either wander the current Web 2.0 or clicking the "Random Pasta" link. Something has resurfaced from my past. By 2004, I was a 4th grader (in Philippines, and I'm now a graduating IT college student). I remember hanging out on this sites: (for sake of flash games),,, and

    The last mentioned: (Singaporean First Online Ghost Stories), I want to share. Some of the stories there are cliched, some are ordinary and boring, and some are short and sweet. I wonder if anyone here read some user-emailed/submitted stories by It has been down for some time and has resurfaced (I forgot when), only to be of few remains, some stories and pictures are intact …

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    If you know what Geocaching is, you may skip this following excerpt from a pasta named "Geocaching" itself:

    "Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Without going into too much detail, Geocaching is basically a game where strangers all over the world hide items, provide GPS coordinates for said items and let others find them. So a person takes something, an old toy or, I don’t know, maybe a pair of scissors, packs it up, hides in a hard-to-find place, provides coordinates at, and the rest of the world is welcome to try and find it."

    TL;DR: Basically, Geocaching is like being a pirate acquires a certain map then sets sail for the treasure; but the pirate is a sufficiently gadget-literate person who found GPS coordinates on Net.

    I hav…

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    Haunting Poem

    November 15, 2014 by Hikage makoru

    I stumbled upon a news through my Facebook newsfeed. It is about a Chinese factory worker who jumped out from a window to end his very depressing life.

    What's notable about man are the powerful messages he left before he died. He is a poet. The news reminded me of a saying "What's bad for the heart is good for the art." I wonder if any of you (citizens of this wikia) know about this.

    This can be an inspiration for a good pasta. I posted this because I have no time to do pastas yet.

    Here is the link of the news: 

    Anyone can make a pasta out of this? This is the horror of capitalism.

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