aka Hij

  • I live in Lala land
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is ...acupuncture? Occulus? Idunno.
  • I am Never protruding in a certain delvation
  • Hijana

    Boredom Ensues

    December 14, 2013 by Hijana

    I'm currently in a writer's block and have no motivation to play any sort of video game or watch YouTube...or go to sleep.

    I need something to do, anybody got any ideas? (No pron, please). I've been thinking of chatting but eh...

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  • Hijana

    New and already kickin'

    December 11, 2013 by Hijana

    Well, I'm new here and have no idea how the blog posts I'm making one anyway! Might as well start with me; I'm 19, and I'm constantly trying to come up with new pasta content (I'm currently working on a pasta that's 4 pages long, it may be longer...I dunno). My first pasta I've ever written was deleted off my computer about 3 years ago, so I'm starting anew with the one I pasted on my profile, "Forestry". If you wanna check it out and help me out with it, that's fine with me! :)

    So I guess this is a blog post, then? More to come after the break.

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