aka Emma

  • I live in BFE, Utah (I like the desert)
  • I was born on August 22
  • My occupation is Farmer
  • I am Female
  • Hidinginether

    I adore the creepypasta wiki, I read it everyday and I'm always scouring the web for creepy stories to slurp up.  But as much as I love reading, my biggest love, outside of my wife is movies.  Despite my humble life as a farmer, I still want to try and find the time to go to film school and direct movies as well as work as a cinematographer.  And right now I'm in the mood for some short films.  Like a creepy pasta, they should be short (At least compared to full legth novels/films) but tasty.  I'm talking between 10 minutes up to 45 tops.  If anyone can recommend some, I'd be very appreciative!  :)

    Hidinginether (talk) 14:28, March 9, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Hidinginether

    Hey there!  This is just a quick, short post about something I wanted to share with the community.  

    I'm a rather big fan of ambient music, my personal favourite has always been Akira Yamaoka's "Silent Hill" scores - even if I've only actually played two of the games (Silent Hill 2 and Shattered Memories.  I do want to play the original and #3 sometime since I've heard great things, and because Midori keeps telling me I should. :P) they really left an impact on me, especially the soundtrack for #3.  However as much as I love them, I've had to seek out some other tracks to listen to while reading my Creepypastas, and stumbled across a Dark Ambient label called "Cryo Chamber" that frequently releases samples of music from their various bands …

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