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HiImStab October 15, 2013 User blog:HiImStab

woke up in the midst of a raging war

as we heard the guns sing a song of tyranny

and the shots made a cry that tore

through the heartbeat of a humanity

they said we had to evacuate

to keep us safe from harm

we moved like a marching red parade

what with confusion's toxic charm

discord went on for days, even weeks

twas a terrible catastrophy

bringing anarchy and all it wreaks

all played by a dissonant symphony

nostalgia ran in our time

and on it went inside a bloodless vein 

like a hopeless dirft of rhyme

it got caught in the rung of an abandoned brain

the fire and the black smoke were the sky's friend

and they told me all that i needed to know

more mortars, more police sirens, more ambulances running wild through the streets, more evacuees, longer queues at atms,  more wild speculations, more sleepless nights,

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