Hello~ back again! Any way, I wanted to ask a question. What am I supposed to do with a blog? I want to update and post on this blog everyday, but I don't know what to talk about. If we are not aloud to update this like a regular blog, then just tell me. I would only keep this CreepyPasta related, but what should I do? Reviews on Creepypastas? Recommendations? Why don't you guys ask me to read a pasta, then ask for my review? Seems like a decent idea to me. Well, why don't I start with a review right now. How 'bout Axis Power Hetalia: Episode 23.5? That was recent.

Ok, so lets start. The whole thing started with a bootleg cleché, which made me disappointed to start with. Also, the fact that something like that could make you Completely drop a fandom you're sucked into is a little bit hard to think of. I found the story interesting, but not creepy. It was more of a thing that you make your stomach knot and flip and make you cry. I found it depended on gore, and was completely unbelievable. A comedy would never be that dark, and to add on the unbelievable part of it, Japan had found plenty of fruit, while crabs crawled on the sand, and fish swam in the ocean that they USED TO DROWN ITALY. Also, China had a restaurant/town right behind them, making it seem like Japan and Germany WANTED to kill Italy. The screen shot was off, because Italy's eyes are amber, not yellow like in the picture. I do have to say, the art was great. Looked completely like Hetalia (unless it was just photoshop, then I am disappointed) and I would have trouble believing it wasn't Hetalia, except for Italy's eyes of course. Also, nations CAN NOT DIENations cannot, and will not, die unless their people die. So, Italy shouldn't have died. About the drowning thing... It never explained how Italy really 'drowned' and then lived. Like I said, Nations Can Not Die, but how...? If he passed out wouldn't he still be breathing? And his heart still be beating? Why would Japan proceed to take Italy's organs if his heart was beating? And why would he do it when Italy was awake? That was horrible, almost making Japan seem cruel and demonic. So, all in all, this Creepypasta was Ok. It works more for tear-jerking and stomach twisting with all the gore and such in it. But I would recommend it to my friends if they wanted something sad, or disturbing. This Creepypasta is also overrated, and underrated. I would give it a 3.5/10. And I do like it a little.

So, what do you think? Was my review fair? Or not? Tell me in the comments! Request other reviews (if it's allowed) if you feel like it too! Bye!