Hi! So, I am Hetabites, as told by my user name. I like creepypasta duh'' and would like to start witing some. Though, I thought of a hetalia pasta, which I think may or may not be good, I dunno. It seems like a bad idea to me, but hey, doesn't hurt to try. So, I'm gonna try to make it not clechè. So, back to me. I am a fan of Hetalia, creepypasta, My Little Pony, and Attack on Titan. I love to draw, sometimes gory and depressing things, but only after I read/watch something like that. You can blame my friend for my Creepypasta craze, for she loves Jeff. But really I was introduced to Creepypasta by SkyDoesMinecraft, when he did a mod for it. My brother and I looked up Jeff, and Smile Dog. Thats when it started. While my brother was absolutely terrified of Jeff, I was more scared of Smile Dog.... Smiles like those bothered me since then. So, yeah. That's my introduction. Um... please tell me if I'm doing someting wrong, and tell me how to correct it. ^-^ Bye!

Me. A poorly done drawing of me that I did at 4:00 in the morning without sledp