Ok. Hello again, twice in one day (I have no life). So, I feel like sharing my favorite pasta. My personal fav, was The Russian Sleep Experiment. To me, it was different, and definitely creeped me out. Although I haven't read many pastas, The Russian Sleep Experiment was one of my personal favorite. My favorite gaming pasta, was BEN Drowned. It was my original favorite, until I read more pastas, and saw how it was slightly cleché. Then I read The Russian Sleep Experiment and it soon became my favorite over BEN. Though I still love BEN. My first pasta was Jeff The Killer, though even though it was my first, I never really liked it. The one that scared me to death, and still does (I can't really see a picture specifically the one in red without screaming) is Smile Dog, or Smile.jpg. The funny thing is, I never have read it until now, because I am currently reading it as I type. The last creepypasta I read, was 23.5. But the last pasta I read without having read it before, was The Scariest Creepypasta Ever'unless that really doesn't count, then it was The Alice Murders. But that was years ago, with my BFF watching it with me. Or maybe it was The Orphanage. Or whatever it was called. Was it even a pasta? Is my memory dead because I don't even remember it, or am sure as to what it's called. Was it, The Orphanage or was it called, Hallways? I am so confused now.... I don't remember either.... Well.... Ok... Then I'm saying the last one I read was The Alice Murders. I love that one still. Now that I think back to my memory, that one was my favorite. The Russian Sleep Expeiment gave me more of a "Oh shoot.... Thats really creepy" feeling rather than the flow of emotions, saddness, and creepiness that The Alice Murders gave me. Yep. Sorry for mindlessly ranting. ._."