Hello! This is Hetabites here! (Sorry for a late post, family issues and what not) So, I am here to review, Para-Phenomenon.

To start, I like it a lot. Since the very beginning, it never had me bored and always had me on the edge of my seat. The lack of details did make me upset slightly, but hey, some stories a better short than long

Everything had me wondering, but somethings just didn't really have anything to do with the story. Take the alarm clocks, for an example. I don't really see what they had to do with the story at all, so I re-read it just to see if it really did have something to do with the story. Still, nothing that I could find.

When it said "the guy standing around the corner", I imagined a man standing, not in his car. So, a little thing that bugged me there. Make sure that everything won't put a false image in the rereader's head, so the story is better.

The killer was strange, not a real person but similar to one. I like that idea, seems cool to me. "I can see him on the sidewalk and he has no legs." That could've been more descriptive, because just reading that made me a little be disappointed and bored. That's the problem with the details. And how does It  move? Floating? Crawling? I dunno.

The picture was AWESOME ! though I didn't quite see what it had to do with the story. It was just eerie. The picture was both good and bad, seeing how much of an eerie feeling it could give the reader, but also make the reader wonder what it had to do with the story.

All in all, this story was interesting. Though I wouldn't recommend it to certain people, I would still say it's a cool thing to read and recommend it to some other people. 5.5/10 awesome story. This review was done for SoPretentious

So what do you think? Was my review fair? Or not? Tell me in the comments! Request a review while you're at it too! Bye!