Hi again! So, today I will be talking about Crescent Forest. It was a good pasta, not too gory, not too weird. Though, it did have me slightly bored (I have the attention span if a gold fish) since there was so many details. Now, personally I love details, but because of people like me, too many details can be a problem, because I began to skim through, only half processing what the story said until they found the town. The very beginning had me confused as to what the travelers were doing. I thought they were trying to kill the guy in the truck. I liked the setting, though creatures in forests can be overused often, but this was well thought-out. The funny thing was that the man reminded me of the "Super Hungery Hippo Brothers Guy" from Game Grumps. The way he just seemed so oblivious to the fact that he was wrong (or in this case, confused) about his dogs age. Then as I read on, I became confused if he was lying, or just if his dogs were a creature as well. I never really was sure what the shop had to do with the story. The guy also needs more character development. It doesn't really give a reason as to why he kills people other than for entertainment. I would also like to know how the creatures came to be. Are they mixed breeds made by the man? The ending was great though, for it didn't go into detail about how the creatures killed the travelers unlike other stories. Why are his dogs so important though? That's what bugs me. That and the shop. (Might I add how much I love the picture of the creature.) I love this one, and recommend it to anyone who reads this. 7/10. This review was done for SoPretentious

So what do you think? Was my review fair? Or not? Tell me in the comments! Request a review while you're at it too! Bye!