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June 14, 2015
  • Hetabites

    Hello! This is Hetabites here! (Sorry for a late post, family issues and what not) So, I am here to review, Para-Phenomenon.

    To start, I like it a lot. Since the very beginning, it never had me bored and always had me on the edge of my seat. The lack of details did make me upset slightly, but hey, some stories a better short than long

    Everything had me wondering, but somethings just didn't really have anything to do with the story. Take the alarm clocks, for an example. I don't really see what they had to do with the story at all, so I re-read it just to see if it really did have something to do with the story. Still, nothing that I could find.

    When it said "the guy standing around the corner", I imagined a man standing, not in his car. So, a…

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  • Hetabites

    Hi again! So, today I will be talking about Crescent Forest. It was a good pasta, not too gory, not too weird. Though, it did have me slightly bored (I have the attention span if a gold fish) since there was so many details. Now, personally I love details, but because of people like me, too many details can be a problem, because I began to skim through, only half processing what the story said until they found the town. The very beginning had me confused as to what the travelers were doing. I thought they were trying to kill the guy in the truck. I liked the setting, though creatures in forests can be overused often, but this was well thought-out. The funny thing was that the man reminded me of the "Super Hungery Hippo Brothers Guy" from G…

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  • Hetabites

    To talk about blogs

    June 15, 2015 by Hetabites

    Hello~ back again! Any way, I wanted to ask a question. What am I supposed to do with a blog? I want to update and post on this blog everyday, but I don't know what to talk about. If we are not aloud to update this like a regular blog, then just tell me. I would only keep this CreepyPasta related, but what should I do? Reviews on Creepypastas? Recommendations? Why don't you guys ask me to read a pasta, then ask for my review? Seems like a decent idea to me. Well, why don't I start with a review right now. How 'bout Axis Power Hetalia: Episode 23.5? That was recent.

    Ok, so lets start. The whole thing started with a bootleg cleché, which made me disappointed to start with. Also, the fact that something like that could make you Completely drop…

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  • Hetabites

    Favorite pasta

    June 14, 2015 by Hetabites

    Ok. Hello again, twice in one day (I have no life). So, I feel like sharing my favorite pasta. My personal fav, was The Russian Sleep Experiment. To me, it was different, and definitely creeped me out. Although I haven't read many pastas, The Russian Sleep Experiment was one of my personal favorite. My favorite gaming pasta, was BEN Drowned. It was my original favorite, until I read more pastas, and saw how it was slightly cleché. Then I read The Russian Sleep Experiment and it soon became my favorite over BEN. Though I still love BEN. My first pasta was Jeff The Killer, though even though it was my first, I never really liked it. The one that scared me to death, and still does (I can't really see a picture specifically the one in red without s…

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  • Hetabites


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