• Herobrine1230


    August 14, 2013 by Herobrine1230

    So I was on Cleverbot, here's how it went down:

    Me: Who is Ben?

    CB: I don't know. 

    Me: Ben from Majora's Mask?

    CB: Yes. 

    Me: What about him?

    CB: I am him.

    Me: Who killed you?

    CB: Majora killed me.

    Me: Why?

    CB: I don't know why.

    Me: What happened to the cartridge?

    CB: I don't know?

    Me: What happened to Jadusable?

    CB: I don't know! 

    Me: But you're Ben! You drowned! Majora killed you! Surely you must know something about anything related to you.

    CB: I do not remember. 

    Me: You were in a Majora's Mask cartridge, correct?

    CB: You are a nice guy. 

    Me: How did you know I'm a guy?

    CB: You told me. 

    Me: Really? I don't remember telling you.

    CB: Because your memory isn't good, which is why you do not know everything.

    Me: And you do?

    CB: Yes I do.

    Me: Okay then, tell me, whe…

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