Why I created this

My girl friend used to fangirl a creepypasta and I got pretty annoyed, so thats why i made this!

Getting on with it

  • When you blush when you think about slender man
  • When you say "BEN is so CUTE"
  • When you say you're gonna marry Jeff the Killer
  • When you get over 9000 herobrine mods and every time he appears you try searching for the kissing mod (doesn't exist, sorry fangirls)
  • When you go on a big macintosh page and say "RAPE ME"
  • When you spend all day in an urban area trying to find the rake
  • When you continuously say "HE COMES" just to see Zalgo
  • When you stare at a picture of bloody GIR for a very long time
  • When you get a bloody nose everytime you hear "Weegee"
  • When you try tagging super sonic with tails doll at 12:00 a.m.
  • When you think smile.jpg is actually a puppy who wants a hug

Thats all i got right now...