I've been re-watching the trailer for a psychological horror named Danika.  I didn't watch much of the movie, just the last bit of it.  It was pretty much about the main protagonist, Danika finding out that her husband cheated on her.  She takes their two kids away and gets into a horrific wreck.  This is where she thinks all is well.  Danika gets back with the cheating scum and she watches her kids grow into teenagers.  Things begin to get interesting.  She finds out that a bus full of kids exploded.  Unknowingly helps a kidnapper abduct a little girl.  Danika also finds out that his son is dating some girl that has sinister intentions for her son.  At the climax of the film, the scene cuts to Danika, who turns out to be an elderly homeless woman pushing a shopping cart.

I am probably going to sound insane, but what if my life as I know it now is just a hallucination.  Why would I say that?  Well, Danika was in a car wreck and so was I.  The whole incident pretty much involved me walking out into the street and getting struck by a car.  I blacked out and woke up with four fractures in the pelvis.  It had taken quite awhile for me to heal up and my mom and her late boyfriend wanted to find out what happened.  Well, they got the police report.

Anyways, I am just thinking.  Maybe, I am not some adult living in an apartment with a cat.  Perhaps, I'm really dead or some bum on the streets.  I really hope that isn't the case.  I really hope that some horrific event that happened with Danika will blast my current reality to threads.

I am just in a constant state of paranoia.  I really don't want to live in a reality where I am really dead.  I deserve better and so does anyone else.  Sorry to put this into your heads.  I am just hate having dreams that feel so real.  Sometimes, I dream that I am on the computer and everyone is pretty much ridiculing me.  I really hope that isn't my reality.

Have you guys ever thought like that?