Throughout my long life (all 19 years of it) I've had a fair share of happenings that I can only label as "paranormal" or "supernatural"; and while I'm sure that most of you would get in a fight just for a chance to hear about them first, posting them here would take too much space-time continuum (I can post on request, though).

So, I ask thee: have you ever had similar experiences? Stuff that you simply cannot label as accidents or coincidences, but you can't exactly find a suitable explanations for them.

Anything goes (as long as you're not trolling; and yes Diex, I'm talking about you): strange lights, frequent cold spots, smell of sulphur, people that may or may not be specters, animals that behaved way out of the ordinary, voices that seem to come out of nowhere, Rainbow in the Dark.

I'm just curious.